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6 reviews for Lemon Cheesecake Thai

  1. Alex

    Sativa front and indica end. We all decided to try this one together and it had us on our feet interacting right away. Conversation was flowing, laughter and creativity were present, and we had an overall uplifiting feeling. Task management was a little distorted.

  2. paulmatins

    Definitely Diesel-dominant, it’s a skunky fuely stank that also has some slight citrus notes, as are often found in both of the parent strains. After a grind, more of the light sweetness and citrus came out, pushing the fuel to the background.

  3. junie

    WOW i just received my order in the UK,you guys are the best and very discrete.

  4. Louis

    A cerebral, enlightening feeling hits almost instantly while body heat, perspiration, and heart rate all noticeably increase. As the the medication sets in the mind and body begin to move in slow motion. The sativa and indica effects in this strain seemed at constant battle, trading dominance back and forth. Half way through a slight couch or chair session are in order as the indica emerges. Towards the end one regains mental sharpness and finds motivation. A nice surplus of energy emerges as you hit the road to sobriety.

  5. Linzy

    It makes for a wonderful night time strain, as it thoroughly relaxes the body and mind without sending you to sleep right away — the latter half is when the eyes begin to get heavy.

  6. jones

    Spicy Aroma with hints of lemon…thanks

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