Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 28%, CBD: 1%,

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9 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Bankz,Arizona

    Girl scout cookies is a favorite of mine. You get a nice intense light as thin air feel. However you are able to control your moved with precision. Ladies love the light deep moves & the man lives this too. Makes lasting moves take hours of excitement. Intense!

  2. Gina

    Love this strain.. besides the staggering cerebral effects, it leaves the body with a sense of weightlessness. Smoke taste like a you’ve been chewing on coffee beans all morning, Ethiopia Yergacheffe if it was my preference 😉 12/10

  3. Waler

    I consider different strains for different uses, this one is a PM strain. This strain is great for a numbing level of body relaxation/pain relief with a nice clear head high. The one I had was 29% THCA+THC, this strains genetics allow for a high potency when grown properly. As with all strains, the genes don’t guarantee potency or full terpene production, but when grown properly this one is a relaxation hammer.

  4. Zaks

    I’ve personally tried dozens of strains by now, and this one has to be my absolute favorite! It’s very smooth to smoke with an amazing taste, and the high is the strongest I’ve ever had. Definitely psychedelic effects in it too, and perfect for calming my anxiety. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  5. willie

    Tried this from the nectar club bcn and it is fire , the pheno I tried looked more Indica dom and learnt more towards the GSC parent taste wise , can’t comment on the King Kong itself as I’ve never smoked it but the King Kong cookies does have the cheesey skunkiness to it and it’s so strong I got stopped in the airport because my grinder stunk of it.

  6. shaddy

    This strain is one of the best for frequent users. Although it has purple leave, it has almost no linelol purple smell or taste which irritates my testicles if used in larger amounts, just like lyrica. I like that it has no blueberry which gives me rebound anxiety. It has less to no rebound symptoms when compared with other strains. It has a creative initial high that makes it great for first puff of the evening, I wouldn’t waste it for the last puff of the evening. It is relaxing though it won’t knock you out like a true purple strain. Compared with Oregon lemon my other favorite, OL hits in the head more and is more of a stunning high, gsc is more creative. It has a classic natural sherbet like weed flavor; my sample was similar to thin mints, the first few puffs on the vape were a little minty if I don’t water filter the vape.

  7. spacky

    I have been true to Girl Scout Cookies for several years. Absolutely the best med strain I’ve had. I have serious anxiety and depression issues. This strain allows me to sit back, relax, and decide things aren’t really so bad. <3

  8. Tom

    I got gsc again and this time it was less fluffy and less “large looking” , but more sticky, heavier, and more of a knock out strain. It is less creative than the fluffy gsc I had last time. The og is more dominant, it smelled very strong and more like og and a little less like a silver strain. Perfect compact buds similar to thin mints, with a little initial mint taste. It was even discounted, I am guessing just because it turned out so good, it was a very easy trim. The price was so fair lol, “bloom” are saints. This strain seems to have a lot of variability, but every time I get it, it is better than the last time. Variety is king especially when one has a tolerance, but I would get this strain again and again. It is definitely relaxing and a smoother ride than other strains. I would like to try a cross of this with chem dog, it may be called Chem scout.

  9. cripspy

    I have been growing, and finally juicing GSC for a long tome now, and can state that while it did not CURE my cancer, it wasn’t until I started juicing the whole leaf and using it daily, that my PSA numbers began to decline, so now they are wholly undetectable. I cannot ascribe these results specifically to GSC, I am happy to accept the absence of any cancer markers.

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