Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 24% – 29%, CBD: 1%,

Being true to its name, this Bruce Banner is bright green. Has big buds and high THC content.

Delivering a strong punch. buy super silver haze Australia/

The effect quick and long lasting, mainly cerebral, characterize by energy buzz and creativity boost.

Bruce Banner marijuana is good for social interactions and banishing the blues, well suited for daytime use.Buy weed with bitcoins in Australia 

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5 reviews for Bruce Banner

  1. Lumier,France

    “My hands down favorite strain! I’m one of those smokers who typically gets couchlocked and lazy easily, so most of my experiences have been occasionally inconsistent with reviews for some hybrid strains. Typically a 1/4 a week smoker, but I swear I smoked a 1/2 of this in a week because it was so good and I was even able to get more done than usual, as well what felt like driving with a pretty high degree of focus (o…”

  2. peter

    “🚀…I’m sooo high, Good mornin!!..Out of Chronic Pain and Out of Sight with the Bruce!.. 11 STAR!!…Feelin’ Up-Mellow, Mindful, Calm, Motivated and Energized.. ready to-gooo…. Feels like a Stress-Free day😍 Inflamation is Reduced and PTSD is Pacified.. no AM mind chatter while tokin BB😙. I’m Totally Baked after 2 HOOKA water bowls for Wake ‘n Bake.. SO Smiley, Focused and Fun, the Peaced-Out energy of BB enh…”

  3. Parker

    “🍆💪 Bruce Banner lives up to it’s name! Chem Soda F1 x Starfighter x Coal Creek Kush x Strawberry Diesel! What a fantastic lineage. No wonder this strain has such a wild blend of effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid gives you an intense cerebral blast of motivation and creativity, followed by a very powerful body high. I was very surprised with how I felt from one hour to the next. Bruce packs a punch and is an amaz…”

  4. Willis

    “Picked up a eighth of this today from a reliable dispensary. Instantly I noticed that my attitude was happier focused and most importantly made me feel better.if you can’t deal with your stress or problems I mediately took a hit of this and it fixed it within five minutes I highly recommend the strain;for those who are having anxiety ADD problems ADD ADHD bipolar disorder PTSD PMS mood disorders Tourette’s syndrome O…”

  5. Nate

    “Dr. David Banner: Physician, scientist, cannabis? Radiation hasn’t changed my body chemistry, but something has vastly altered my brain chemistry… This shit is potent! I even stopped writing this review to watch the Quiet Room episode of The Incredible Hulk. Sweet, diesel-esque buds covered in shiny trichomes with such high THC percentage it wouldn’t be unreasonable to leave a vacancy in the headspace where yr ego …”

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